Thule tuvalu

Thule lies in the extreme north of Greenland, Tuvalu is a small island state in the Pacific Ocean. In spite of this huge distance and their polarity, the two places are intimately related by a stroke of fate: whilst in Thule

the ice is retreating ever further and turning into seawater, in Tuvalu sealevel is perpetually rising. The film deals with the people in Thule and Tuvalu whose lives are changing forever.

Basic Information

Documentary Feature / Switzerland / 98 min / 2014


Producers             Valentin Greutert & Simon Hesse
Co-Producer         Matthias von Gunten
Writer & Director Matthias von Gunten
DOP                    Pierre Mennel S.C.S.
Sound Recordist Valentino Vigniti
Music                    Marcel Vaid
Editor                   Caterina Mona, Claudio Cea

main CAST

Lars Jeremiassen
Susanne Jeremiassen
Rasmus Avike
Qulutannguaq Simigaq
Patrick Malaki
Takuao Malaki
Lauti Malaki
Vevea Tepou
Kaipati Vevea
Foini Tulafono


Swiss distribution:



a film company.

production information

A HesseGreutert Film production

In co-production with:

Schweizer Radio & Fernsehen SRF / SRG SSR / 3Sat

Supported by:

Bundesamt für Kultur BAK / Zürcher Filmstiftung Kulturfonds Suissimage / Succès Passage Antenne SRG SSR Succès cinéma / Migros Kulturprozent / George Foundation UBS Kulturstiftung / Stiftung Bildung & Entwicklung, Fachstelle “Filme für eine Welt” / Paul Schiller Stiftung
G+B Schwyzer Winker Stiftung / Alexis Victor Thalberg Stiftung / Ecodogs / Hans Haldimann Filmproduktion


Amongst others: Visions du réel / Hot Docs Locarno Film Festival / Kopenhagen


Sesterce d’Argent, Meilleur film suisse / Vision du réel 2014 - Nomination Schweizer Filmpreis 2015