Remo Largo –
a life for our children

The first documentation about the most successful German-language textbook author. Anyone who has children knows them: The books by Remo Largo, "Babyjahre", "Kinderjahre", "Schülerjahre", "Jugendjahre" are on the shelves of everyone who faces the challenge of raising children. But who is Remo Largo? What made him one of the most important education experts in the German-speaking world?

And why is his view of children so different? In this film we get to know the author, doctor, researcher and family man, a man who is as competent as he is modest and who has spent his entire life dealing with this question: Wiese's human development is so diverse and what consequences it has for our lives.

Basic Information

Documentary / Switzerland / 52 min / 2015


Producer               Simon Hesse
Writer & Director      Monica Czernin
DOP             Aldo Gugolz     
Music                    Martin Skalsky & Christian Schlumpf
Michael Duss
Editor                    Petra Beck

main CAST

Remo Largo
Brigitte Largo
Bea Latal
Dr. Jenny
Regula Späni


Swiss distribution:

Ascot Elite

World rights:

Hesse Film GmbH

production information

A Hesse Film production

In co-production with:

Schweizer Radio & Fernsehen SRF / Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk MDR

Supported by:

Bundesamt für Kultur BAK / Teleproduktionsfonds Ernst Göhner Stiftung