Out of Paradise

Dorj and his heavily pregnant wife Suren live an idyllic nomadic life on the Mongolian steppe, but as Suren develops complications during childbirth, the local doctor advises them to venture into the capital city to seek medical attention. With no official documentation they find themselves unable to cover the medical fees

and Dorj must pawn their wedding belongings before signing up to a local karaoke contest. A heart-warming and feel-good roadmovie about the clash between nature and the urban world, Out of Paradise is as much a love story as a reflection on our modern ways of living.

Basic Information

Feature Film / Switzerland / Mongolia / 100 min / 2018


Producer               Simon Hesse
Co-Producers        Cyrill Gerber & Batbayar Chogsom 
Urs Fitze
Writer & Director      Batbayar Chogsom
DOP                    Simon Bitterli
Music                    Urs Bollhalder
Editor                    Petra Beck

main CAST

Dorj                      Bayarsaikhan Bayartsengel
Suren                    Enerel Tumen
Jack                       Adiyabaatar Rina
Saraa                     Erdenetsetseg Tsend-Ayush
Mutter                  Oyun-Erdene Jamiyan
Ganbaa                  Bayanmunkh Purevjav


Swiss distribution:

Look Now!

International distribution:

Film Republic

production information

A Hesse Film Production

In co-production with:

Schweizer Radio & Fernsehen SRF / Milan Film AG 
Chogsom Film / Cobra Film / Cinegrell

Supported by:

Migros Kulturprozent / Kanton St. Gallen Kulturförderung
Bundesamt für Kultur BAK

«Out of Paradise» is a very universal story, and a personal as well. Nowadays when our society has less and less time to reflect on our rapidly changing world. We feel it is a perfect time to bring this story to the big screen.

Batbayar Chogsom, Director


Solothurner Filmtage (Nomination Prix Publique) / FIFF Fribourg / Shanghai Film Festival SIFF


Golden Goblet Shanghai Film Festival (Best Film)

News & Press

We are delighted to win the grand prize at the 21st International Shanghai Film Festival SIFF. The jury awarded «Out of Paradise» with the Golden Goblet Award for best feature film on June 24, 2018 – Many Thanks!

«Out of Paradise» had its world premiere at the 53rd edition of the «Solothurner Filmtage» and was nominated for the «Prix du public». It will next be shown at the 32nd edition of the «Festival International de Films de Fribourg».

The first reviews were quite enthusiastic. Here you can find one by Michael Sennhauser, critic for «Radio Kultur» on SRF2.