One way trip

Eight young people travel to the Jura with provisions and tents. It is autumn and high season for the pointed conical bald head - the actual reason for the excursion. This small and inconspicuous mushroom has it all: Shortly after taking it, reality shifts and a wonderful trip begins. After some difficulties, the group found the right place deep in the forest, pitched the tents, picked the mushrooms and off we go.

Everything goes well until one of the boys with a blood-drenched face comes back from fetching beer and collapses in the light of the campfire. When they realize that the mobile phones are not working and a storm is blowing up, panic breaks out. They seek shelter in a nearby farm. But now they are even more trapped ...

Basic Information

Feature Film / Horror / Switzerland / 85 min / 2011


Producer               Valentin Greutert & Simon Hesse
Co-Producers        John Lueftner & David Schalko
Director                Markus Welter
Writer Matthias Bauer & Bastian Zach
Line Producer Stephan Barth
DOP                    Filip Zumbrunn
Production Design Urs Beuter
Costumes Carol Luchetta
Make-Up Anne-Rose Schwab
VFX Holger Hummel
Stereographer Jan Bernotat
Music                    Michael Sauter
Editor                    Cécile Welter

main CAST

Valerie                  Sabrina Reiter
Lars                  Matthias Britschgi
Mike                     Aaron Hitz
Thomas                Simon Käser
Sarah                Isabelle Barth
Timo                  Harry Lampl
Robert Martin Loos
Lilli Tanja Raunig
Marlene Melanie Winiger
Pius Herbert Leiser


Swiss distribution:

Ascot Elite

International distribution:

Lightning Entertainment

production information

A HesseGreutert Film production

In co-production with:

Superfilm / Schweizer Radio & Fernsehen SRF / Teleclub

Supported by:

Bundesamt für Kultur (EDI), Schweiz / Zürcher
Filmstiftung / Österreichisches Filminstitut / Filmfonds Wien / Kulturfonds Suissimage / République & Canton du Jura


Max-Ophüls-Preis 2011 / Brussels International Fantasy Film Festival 2012


Nominated for Taurus World Stunt Award 2012