Basic Informations

Feature Film / Switzerland / 100 min
Language: Swiss-German


Producer                         Hesse Film, Simon Hesse
Associate Producer         8horses, Lorenz Merz
Writer & Director           Lorenz Merz
Cinematographer           Fabian Kimoto
                                       Lorenz Merz
Production Design         Nicole Hoesli
Costumes                       Laura Locher
Make-up                         Tanya Maria Kohler
Sound                             Patrick Becker
Line Producer                Andrea Blaser
Assistant Director          Joel Glatz
Editing                           Lorenz Merz
                                       Noemi Preiswerk


Gabriel                           Pablo Caprez
Jamie                              Art Blaca
Corry                              Ella Rumpf
Joel                                 Tonatiuh Radzi
Zoé                                 Luna Wedler
Mother of Zoé                Lolita Chammah
Mother of Gabriel          Nina Hesse Bernhard


In postproduction.
Estimated completion date – June 2019

production information

A Hesse Film Production

In Co-Production with:

SRF Swiss Televison / Milan Film /

Support by:

Suisseimage / SRG/SSR Succès passage antenne /
Focal / FOC Federal Office of Culture / Fachausschuss Film und Medienkunst BS/BL / ZFS Zurich Film Foundation


Ascot Elite AG
Badenerstrasse 156
8004 Zürich
043 819 20 25





Gabriel takes care of his two year-old son Jamie. On a delirious summer night, Gabriel’s best friend Joel presents his enigmatic girlfriend Cory. The three break-into a zoo and encounter a magnificent giraffe. In their irrational state, they release the Giraffe together with a group of wild animals.

Gabriel and Cory fall in love, while in town a state of emergency is declared. Gabriel is torn between freedom and his responsibility as a father.
When Joel finds out about the betrayal, he reveals the truth to Cory about Gabriel’s tumultuous real life. Theres not only a child, theres also the unpredictable mother of the child Zoé.

In the midst of exhilarating street riots caused by the spreading animals, Gabriel fights for Corys life existential feelings - indeed their conection is bigger than themselfs and his child no obstacle. But Jamie is taken in custody while Joel, deeply hurt, speeds up on his motorbike and causes a paradox accident.